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10:00 am


11730 North Ambassador Drive

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A nice estate with a variety of antiques including a collection of American brilliant period cut glass, wonderful Victorian art glass, RS Prussia, majolica, steins, portrait china pieces, collection of Royal Doulton figures, bronzes, oil painting, rare Maxfield Parrish prints and antique furniture.




Cash or check with approval from auction company.

NEW POLICY: If you are not known to us, we reserve the right to hold the merchandise until the check clears. It is also agreed that we may photograph and fingerprint anyone writing a check. A valid driver’s license required for registration.

All items will be sold “AS IS.” Pence Auction makes no warranties or representations, express or implied with respect to the correctness of descriptions, genuineness, condition or authenticity of any lot sold. Upon the declaration of “Sold” by the auctioneer, the winning bidder is thereby bound by contact to fulfill their obligation of submitting payment per the auction terms. Bidding on any items indicates your acceptance of these terms and all other terms announced at the time of the sale. It is recommended that all prospective buyers attend the pre-sale exhibition.

Sales tax may be collected.






1.       Cloisonne vase
with floral decoration on rust back
6 1/2" h.



2.       Porcelain pedestal double salt cellar
3 1/2" h.



3.       Bohemian ruby engraved glass dresser bottle
with engraved grapes and vines
9 1/4" h.



4.       Reverse painted glass large snuff bottle
with pheasant in garden scene
3 3/4" h.



5.       Six Haviland porcelain salt cellars
with gold interior and copper exterior
2" d.



6.       Bone china yellow rose figure
6 1/2" h.



7.       Porcelain liquor decanter and two shot glasses
with floral decoration



8.       Pair brass candlesticks
6 3/4" h.



9.       Lladro porcelain ornament
of a baby in a stocking
5 1/2"



10.    Lladro porcelain figure
of a girl leaning over
7 1/4" h.



11.    Allerton's England Blue Willow rectangular vegetable bowl
9" x 10 3/4"



12.    Allerton's England Blue Willow oval platter
9" x 11 1/4"



13.    Framed lithopane panel 
with scene of men walking trail in mountains



14.    Two Murano glass duck figures
7 1/2" & 10" h.



15.    Staffordshire pottery figure
of a dog sitting on a blue oval base
5 1/2" h., 6 1/2" long



16.    Austrian pewter mounted apricot glass ewer
7 3/4" h.



17.    Mettlach pottery stein
with drinking verse plaque
#1745, 1/4 L.,   6"h.



18.    German porcelain stein
with interior scene panel decoration, lithopane of man in bottom
7 3/4" h.



19.       Majolica figural pug dog water pitcher
11" h.



20.    Majolica shaving mug
with floral and bow tie decoration
3 1/2" h.



21.    Brass figural crab inkwell
6" x 7"



22.    Cut glass bowl
brilliant period cutting in Russian pattern
8 1/2" d.



23.    Cut glass plate
brilliant period cutting with hobstars and feathered stars
6 1/2" d.



24.    Hawkes wheel cut glass vase
with cut floral swags, signed
8" h.



25.    Victorian apricot glass sweetmeat in silver plated holder
with clear applied glass ruffle on bowl
6" d.



26.    Austrian iridescent glass bud vase
with green applied roundels
8 3/4" h.



27.    Royal Doulton porcelain figure
Bedtime Story
Hn 2059,    5" h., 5 3/4" w.



28.    Royal Doulton porcelain figure
Spring Flowers
Hn 1807,   7 1/2" h.



29.    RS Germany porcelain triangular shaped nappy
with white floral decoration
5 1/2"



30.    RS Germany porcelain triangular shaped bowl
with large shadow flowers on cobalt



31.    Limoges porcelain plate 
with hand painted currants, signed Challinor
8 1/2" d.



32.    Belleek creamer and sugar
with shamrock decoration on basketweave, black mark


33.    Lenox porcelain sterling overlay teapot
6" h.



34.    Royal Bayreuth porcelain rose tapestry handled basket
with three color roses tapestry
5 1/2" h.



35.    Blue mother of pearl satin glass finger bowl
honeycomb pattern
4 1/2" d.



36.    Three assorted blue satin glass tumblers
3 3/4" h.



37.    Blue carnival glass footed rose bowl
Grape Delight pattern
4" h.



38.    Blue carnival glass footed bowl
Stag & Holly pattern
9" d.



39.    Pair of German bisque figures
of a boy with a pipe and a girl with an umbrella
11 1/2" h.



40.    Bing & Grondahl porcelain figure
of a boy and girl standing back to back
#2372,   8" h.



41.    Majolica figural smoke stand
with a monk holding a mug in front of barrels
8" h.



42.    Austria pottery ewer 
with embossed flowers and leaves, painted floral decoration
14 1/4" h.



43.    RS Prussia porcelain chocolate pot
point and clover mold, scattered roses decoration, watersilk finish
10 1/2" h.



44.    Pickard decorated two handled porcelain nappy
with fruit decoration, signed Tol
7" d.



45.    Pickard decorated Limoges porcelain plate
with poppies decoration, signed L. Mac
8 3/4" d.



46.    Rookwood pottery pedestaled centerpiece compote
with figural calla lily handles
8" x 16" x 6 1/2"



47.    Cut glass plate
brilliant period cutting with hobstar cluster and fan
8" d.



48.    Cut glass whiskey decanter
with floral cutting, triple notched handle
10" h.



49.    Cut glass diamond shaped relish tray
brilliant period cutting with diamond point base and star border
5" x 10 1/2"



50.    Decorated burmese glass large rose bowl 
with blossoming flowers decoration
5 1/4" h.



51.    Kutani pottery figure
of elder man with goose
14" h.



52.    Kutani  pottery figure
of elder man seated holding a scroll
12" h.



53.    Imari porcelain round shallow bowl
with a scenic panel decoration
7" d.



54.    Murano glass basket 
with swirl pattern and gold flaking
7 1/2" h.



55.    Pair of blue satin glass vases
raindrop pattern, dimpled sides
8 1/4" h.



56.    Blue mother of pearl satin glass cased bride's bowl
diamond quilted pattern
10" d.



57.    Lithopane panel 
with scene of two women by fireplace
7" x 5 3/4"



58.    Three engraved glass dresser bottles
with silver and blue enameled tops



59.    Hawkes intaglio cut glass compote
with intaglio cut irises, signed
6" d., 7 1/4" h.



60.    German porcelain stein
with German street scene decoration,  interior scene lithopane base
10 1/2" h.



61.    German pottery stein
with a man's face smoking a pipe in relief
.5L., 6" h.



62.    Royal Doulton porcelain figure
To Bed
Hn 1805,  6  1/4" h.



63.    Royal Doulton porcelain figure
The Milkmaid
Hn 2057,   7" h.



64.    German porcelain art deco three piece dresser set
consisting of square dresser box and two perfume bottles, all with deco girl head tops


65.    Amethyst Loetz type iridescent art glass vase
10 3/4" h.



66.    Green Loetz iridescent art glass vase
with diamond pattern , square top
4 3/4" h.



67.    Nippon porcelain two handled vase
with landscape band and cobalt with gold trim
4 1/2" h.



68.    Pair Nippon porcelain moriage trim oval footed nut bowls
with roses decoration and moriage pinecones
6" x 7 1/2"



69.    Royal Worcester porcelain footed cauldron toothpick holder
with gilt floral decoration
2 3/4" h.



70.    Belleek centerpiece bowl
with applied floral decoration, 1999 collector's club piece
9" d.



71.    Bing & Grondahl porcelain figure
of a girl trying to kiss a boy
#1614,   7" h.



72.    RS Germany (steeple mark) porcelain two handled cake plate
poppy mold with floral center and heavy gilt border
11 1/4" d.



73.    Prussia porcelain plate
point & clover mold, Dice Throwers portrait scene
7 1/2" d.



74.    Prussia porcelain bottle vase
with swan and evergreen tree decoration, satin finish
4" h.



75.    Royal Bayreuth porcelain figural Devil and Cards creamer
4" h.



76.    Cold painted metal figural camel inkwell
5 1/2" h., 9" long



77.    Bronze figural horse doorstop
9 1/4" h., 11 1/2" w.



78.    Majolica milk pitcher
with flowers on light green basketweave decoration
6 1/4" h.



79.    Milk glass oval covered dish
with figural fox on the lid
8" w., 6 3/4" h.



80.    Cut glass round dresser box
brilliant period cutting with feathered star top
5” d.



81.    Cut glass small ice tub
brilliant period cutting with pinwheels
5 1/4" d.



82.    German porcelain two handled vase
with blue portrait of a cherub
9 1/2" h.



83.    Porcelain portrait plate
with portrait of Napoleon, green border
9 1/2" d.



84.    English blue transferware plate
Sporting Subjects pattern
10 1/2" d.



85.    Kutani porcelain small footed urn
with bird and floral decoration, foo dog finial
3 1/4" h.



86.    Pair of Satsuma pottery vases
with floral decoration, signed
8 1/2" h.



87.    Northwood marigold carnival glass five piece water set
Blackberry pattern



88.    Blue satin glass vase
cut velvet pattern
8 3/4" h.



89.    Royal Doulton porcelain figure
Daffy Down Dilly
Hn 1712, 8 1/2" h.



90.    Lladro porcelain figure
of mother duck sitting next to bask of ducklings
3 1/2"



91.    Cut glass compote
brilliant period cutting with feathered stars and hobstars, blown teardrop stem
7" d., 7 1/2" h.



92.    Cut glass heart shaped dish 
brilliant period cutting in strawberry pattern
5 1/4"



93.    Royal Doulton porcelain figure
Hn 2810,   5 1/4" h., 6 1/2" w.



94.    Two lithopane panels
both with scenes
4 3/4" x 4"



95.    Unmarked RS Germany porcelain bowl
scene of two horses by cottage
9" d.



96.    Nippon porcelain plate
with roses decoration, cobalt edge with heavy gold
8 3/4" d.



97.    Loetz type white iridescent art glass vase
with green threading band
8 3/4" h.



98.    Tortoise glass miniature lamp base
8 1/4" h.



99.    Owens Utopia art pottery vase
with floral decoration
9 1/2" h.



100.Chinese brass enameled stamp box
1 1/8" x 1 1/2" x 1 1/2"



101.Cast iron small doorstop
of a urn of flowers
5 1/4" h.



102.Cast iron doorstop
of a ship on water
8" h.



103.Porcelain oyster plate
8 1/2" d.



104.German porcelain figure
of lady in blue dress standing next to a fence
14" h.



105.Lladro porcelain wedding archway
10 1/2" h.



106.Cranberry decorated glass vase
with enameled floral decoration
7 3/4" h.



107.Apricot satin glass bride's bowl
with enameled decoration
11 1/4" d.



108.Bohemian celeste blue and clear cut glass goblet
with gilt cut grapes
6" h.



109.Bohemian overlay glass small stein
with floral decoration
3 1/2" h.



110.Moser cobalt glass left handed ewer
with enameled floral decoration
11" h.



111.Mary Gregory decorated celeste blue glass tankard
10 3/4" h.



112.Royal Copenhagen porcelain figure
of a young girl standing
#1251,   7 3/4" h.



113.Prussia porcelain art nouveau two handled vase
with Lebrun portrait
9" h.



114.French porcelain oval plaque 
with painted scene of woman in garden
3 3/4"



115.Royal Doulton porcelain figure
Carolyn   Hn 2112
7" h.



116.Sudlow English pottery pitcher
with Kingfisher decoration
5 3/4' h.



117.Rubina glass vase
with painted lily of the valley flowers on inverted thumbprint mold, crimped top
6 3/4" h.



118.Bohemian amber glass beaker
with engraved castle medallions
5" h.



119.Bohemian canary cut to clear glass beaker
with enameled decoration
6" h.



120.Pair of Japanese pottery vases
with floral decoration on rust colored back
12" h.



121.Two Chinese silver metal and porcelain lid boxes
3" x 3 1/2" x 2"



122.Jade tree
12" h.



123.Soapstone carved vase 
with flowers carved in front of vase
7" h., 5 3/4" w.



124.Japanese porcelain moriage two handled vase
with roses decoration
8 1/4" h.



125.Two Japanese Hakata clay paper mache figures
6 1/2" h.



126.Chinese mudman figure
7 3/4" h.



127.Nippon porcelain footed vase
with roses on gold back
4 1/2" h.



128.Brass fern stand
with a square marble insert
12" x 12" x 35"



129.Walnut carved two tiered inlaid side table
with three legs having carved figural cherubs, floral inlaid top
22" d., 28" h.



130.Pair of Florentine gilt gesso rococo wall shelves



131.Contemporary art glass paperweight
signed and dated 1976
3" d.



132.Cut glass compote
brilliant period cutting with hobstars and cross hatching panels, teardrop blown stem
6 1/2" d., 9 3/4" h.



133.Pair of Bohemian ruby engraved glass perfume bottles
with engraved deer and castle scene
5" h.



134.Bohemian ruby engraved glass vase
with engraved floral medallions and swags
10" h.



135.Dresden porcelain figure
of a lady seated in a salon chair, floral decorated
4 1/2" h.



136.Porcelain rectangular footed dresser box
with hand painted portrait of woman on the lid
3" x 4 1/4" x 2 1/2"



137.Bavaria Royal Vienna porcelain portrait plate
with portrait of Queen Louise, wine colored border
9 1/2" d.



138.Beehive Austria porcelain two handled portrait pillow vase
with scene of cherub and woman, signed Kaufmann
17 1/2" h



139.Gilt metal art nouveau dresser box 
with roses in relief
4 1/2" x 11" x 4 1/2"



140.Bronze bust
of a young woman
9 1/2" h.



141.Capo di Monte porcelain figure 
Diane the Huntress
15" h.



142.Cut glass rectangular celery tray
in silver plated frame  with diamond point and button cutting
5" x 11"



143.Cut glass tulip shaped vase
brilliant period cutting with hobstars and cross hatching and file, cut pedestal base
12" h.



144.Czechoslovakia glass vase
with molded nude females
8 3/4" h.



145.RS Prussia porcelain celery tray
with floral decoration, purple tones
7" x 13 3/4"



146.Limoges porcelain oblong hinged box
with floral medallion and birds medallions on lid, pink back
6" x 9 1/2" x 3 1/2"



147.Old Abbey Limoges porcelain oval sauce tureen
with violet and lily decoration
9" w.



148.Limoges porcelain chop plate
with violet and lily of valley decoration
12" d.



149.Limoges porcelain charger
with apples and pear decoration, signed Rene
12" d.



150.Porcelain group figure
of dancing maidens in gilt gowns
12" h.



151.Lladro bisque porcelain figure
of Japanese girl arranging flowers in vase
8" h



152.Lladro porcelain figure
of a young girl at a sink
7 1/2" h.



153.Maxfield Parrish print
The Rubaiyat
original frame
5 3/4" x 11 3/4" overall



154.Maxfield Parrish triptych print
Daybreak center, Canyon and Wild Geese on sides
original frame
21” x 55” overall



155.Pair of Victorian pink spattered glass lamps
with gilt and floral decoration
29" h.



156.Seth Thomas walnut double dial calendar parlor clock
patented 1876
27" h.



157.Oil painting on canvas
Henry H. Bagg  (1852-1928)
Moonlit Clipper Ship on Water
signed lower rht
20 x 30”,   23 ½” 33 12” overall



158.Spelter figure
of a lady seated
oval wood base
15" h.



159.Pair of English semi-porcelain portrait vases
with scenes of two women, pink back
18" h.  (drilled for lamps)



160.Two Italian Florentine gesso rococo frames
with round religious portraits
6" h.



161.German porcelain compote
with Dresden floral decoration, reticulated floral edge
9 1/4" d., 7 1/4" h.



162.Royal Worcester porcelain figure
of Turkish man with water jug
18" h.  (repair to end of jug)



163.Mary Gregory decorated teal blue glass barber bottle
7 3/4" h.



164.Mary Gregory decorated green glass ewer
10 1/4" h.



165.Pair of Bohemian overlay on cranberry glass lustres
with floral decoration, hanging prisms
12 1/2" h.



166.Cut glass vase
with floral cutting divided by panels of harvard cutting
12" h.



167.Bavaria porcelain square tray
with floral decoration in center, cobalt border
13" x 13"



168.Limoges porcelain portrait plate
with portrait of woman wearing large hat, signed
10" d.



169.Pair of Beehive Austria porcelain portrait bolted urns
with portrait scene of two women in water, signed Carl Larsen
16 1/2" h.



170.Bavaria porcelain portrait bowl 
with portrait bust of woman in center
9 1/4" d.



171.Art nouveau spelter bust
of Victorian woman
11" h.



172.Pair of Chinese pottery figures
of a man and a woman
10" h.



173.Chinese mudman figure
6 1/2" h.



174.Cast iron figural elephant doorstop
6 1/2" h.,  9" w.



175.Maxfield Parrish triptych print
Garden of Opportunity from Florentine Fete murals
original frame
23 ½” x 28”



176.Maxfield Parrish print
22” x 34” overall



177.French style ormolu mounted curio cabinet
with scenic panels under glass
27" w., 65" h.



178.Metal fern stand 
with marble insert
13" x 13" x 29"



179.Austrian bisque porcelain bust 
of Victorian girl
11" h.



180.Porcelain portrait charger
with portrait of lady clasping hands, reticulated border
13" d.



181.Two Bohemian amber engraved decanters
with engraved deer and castle scenes
15" h.



182.Bohemian ruby cut to clear glass  large vase
with cut hobstars and floral
11 1/2" h.



183.Pair of bohemian ruby engraved glass lustres
with engraved deer and castle scene, hanging prisms
12" h.



184.Waterford cut crystal prism shaped clock
3 1/2" d.



185.Waterford cut crystal biscuit jar
6 1/2" h.



186.Pitkins & Brooks cut glass compote
brilliant period cutting with diamond point panels and fan, signed
6 1/4" d., 7 3/4" h.



187.Bohemian clear and cranberry flashed glass beaker
with engraved medallions
4 1/2" h.



188.Lladro porcelain figure
of girl pulling a wagon with doll
11" h.



189.Thonander Studios decorated Rosenthal porcelain pedestal fruit bowl
with plum decoration on interior and exterior, figural handles
9 1/2" d., 4 1/2" h.
(Thonander worked for Pickard and only had a studio a short time)



190.Pair of Royal Vienna Germany porcelain portrait plates
with portrait scenes in center and green and floral borders
11" d.



191.Limoges porcelain square tray
with moonlit stream decoration
9 1/4" x 9 1/4"



192.Coronet Limoges porcelain leaf shaped dish
with yellow floral decoration, signed
7" x 11"



193.Porcelain hand painted vase
with hand painted lily decoration
14 1/2" h.



194.Alabaster bust
of a woman, raised on pedestal
10 1/2"  (chip under shoulder)



195.Vienna Art metal portrait plate
dated 1907
portrait of woman in center, cobalt border
9 3/4" d.



196.Vienna Art metal portrait plate
with portrait of woman in center, jeweled style border
10" d.



197.Bronze figure
mounted on round slate base
22" h. overall



198.Pair of black marble and gilt metal pedestals
with octagonal tops
10 1/2" d., 36" h.



199.Mahogany square table
with a rope carved edge
21" x 21" x 27"



200.Northwood blue glass five piece water set
Oriental poppy pattern



201.Moser green glass vase
with enameled floral and gilt decoration
10 1/4" h.



202.Bohemian ruby stained glass stein
with pewter lid
6" h.



203.Two amethyst carnival glass hatpins
one butterfly pattern & other bird of paradise pattern



204.White carnival glass "Corn" vase
6 1/2" h.



205.Cut glass large compote
brilliant period cutting with intaglio cut flowers and hobstars, full hobstar cut base and lapidary cut stem
10" d., 7 1/2" h.



206.Cut glass ice cream tray
brilliant period cutting with hobstars and rayed stars
7 1/2" x 14 1/2"



207.Buffalo Pottery Deldare vase
rare scene with three women
8" h.



208.RS Prussia porcelain footed bowl
swag & tassel mold, hanging basket of roses decoration
7 3/4" d.



209.RS Prussia porcelain plate
with Mill scene decoration
8 1/2" d.



210.Beehive porcelain portrait plate
portrait of lady playing musical instrument with two cherubs, wine & gilt border
8 1/2" d.



211.Dresden Germany porcelain figure
of lady with lace dress seated on settee with man
8 14' h., 11 1/2" w.



212.Bavaria Royal Vienne porcelain portrait charger 
with portrait of Amorosa on brown back
12 3/4" d.



213.Majolica figural Arab man humidor
8 1/2" h.



214.Glossy burmese glass ewer
12 3/4" h.



215.Pink satin glass vase
with enameled floral decoration, unusual collar
8 3/4" h.



216.Zelenka Czechoslovakia cameo glass perfume bottle
5 1/2" h.



217.Art nouveau spelter bust
11 1/2" h.



218.Three Chinese mudmen figures
10" h.



219.Pair of soapstone guardian dog bookends
7" h.



220.Three Chinese duck figures
with blue glaze
3 1/2" - 4 1/2" h.



221.Pair of soapstone carved bookends
with carved vase of flowers
5 1/4" h.



222.Pair of gilt metal and onyx candlesticks
11 1/2" h.



223.Waterford cut crystal vase
12 1/2" h.



224.Cut glass six bottle castor set
with vertical cane cut bottles in silver plated frame



225.Cut glass bowl
brilliant period all-over cutting with hobstars and hobstar clusters
9" d.



226.Lavender satin glass vase
with cut velvet pattern
10 3/4" h.



227.English bon handled fish set in original oak box
service for six plus serving pieces



228.Bronze figure
of a lady seated on bench with head resting on podium
12" h.



229.German blue jasperware Kewpie clock
signed Rose O'Neill
5 3/4" h., 6" w.



230.Yellow Ware humidor
with child's head protruding from bag
8 1/4" h.



231.Elsmore-Forester ironstone coffee pot
with blue decorated wheat pattern
10" h.



232.Ironstone coffee pot
with lustre grape cluster decoration
10" h.



233.Bennington pottery milk pitcher 
with figures in relief
5 3/4" h.



234.Rookwood pottery vase
with molded band of flowers, turquoise glaze
5 1/2" h.



235.Rookwood pottery vase
with molded floral decoration, turquoise glaze
6 3/4" h.



236.Rookwood pottery lamp
with molded floral decoration
27” h.



237.Royal Doulton flow blue biscuit jar
with floral decoration, silver plated top
6 1/2" h.



238.RS Prussia porcelain ball footed chocolate pot 
with pink poppies vertical panels
9 1/2" h.



239.RS Prussia porcelain bowl
swag & tassel mold, hanging basket of roses decoration, satin finish
11" d.



240.Prussia porcelain leaf shaped bowl
with greens and purple tints



241.Victorian yellow satin glass perfume bottle in silver plated frame
11 1/2" h.



242.Vaseline pattern glass celery in Tuft's silver plated frame
the boat shaped vaseline Daisy & Button tray in footed silver plated frame with figural cherub
11" long



243.Cut glass celery tray
brilliant period cutting with hobstar chain border
6" x 12 1/2"



244.Hawkes engraved cut glass vase
 with engraved wheel medallions, cut star band around base, signed
6" h.



245.Two cut glass round dishes
brilliant period cutting with six hobstars divided by cross hatched bands
6" d.



246.Cut glass water pitcher
brilliant period cutting with feathered star pattern
9" h.



247.Bradley & Hubbard brass table lamp
with chartreuse acid etched ball shade



248.Gilt metal art nouveau dresser box
with irises in relief
5" x 11" x 3 1/2"



249.Bohemian ruby engraved to clear epergne
with a single lily, engraved deer & castle scene
15" h.



250.Beehive porcelain portrait urn
with allegorical portrait medallion cobalt back
8 1/4" h.



251.Austria porcelain portrait open handled plate 
with cherub in chariot pulled by three females, signed Kaufmann
11" d.



252.Stouffer decorated Limoges porcelain charger
with peaches decoration signed Kiefus
12 1/2" d.



253.Soapstone carved figure
of a standing Quan Yen
10" h.



254.Pair of Japanese Satsuma type Kutani vases
12" h.



255.Bisque bust
of Victorian era boy
11 1/2" h.



256.French porcelain hanged box
with floral medallion on top, blue back
3 1/2" x 4 1/4" x 2 1/4"



257.Mary Gregory decorated clear glass vase
7" h.



258.Mary Gregory decorated celeste blue glass tankard
11 1/4" h.



259.Amberina glass scalloped bowl thumbprint pattern
9" d.



260.Oil painting on canvas
Frederick DeHaven  (1885- ?)
Sitting on the Bank of a Stream
signed lower left
24” x 30”,     31” x 37” overall



261.French style ormolu mounted side table
with a brass gallery, raised on curved legs 
14" x 17" x 25"



262.Dresden porcelain centerpiece five light candelabra
with cherub figure and applied flowers
20" h.



263.Dresden porcelain figure
of a lady with lace gown
12 1/2" h.



264.Beehive Austria porcelain left handed ewer
with portrait medallion of lady and cherub
11 1/4"



265.Vienna Austria porcelain bolted portrait urn
with portrait of bare breasted woman and cherub
13" h.



266.Bohemian overlay cranberry glass decanter
with floral decoration
14 1/2" h.



267.French frosted glass perfume atomizer
with painted trees decoration
6 3/4" h.



268.Victorian glass biscuit jar
with beaded swirl pattern and cranberry flashed panels
7 1/2" h.



269.Ambrina glass melon ribbed water pitcher
Herringbone pattern
8 1/4" h.



270.Cut glass celery tray
brilliant period cutting with hobstar chain
4 1/2" x 11 1/2"



271.Libbey square cut glass bowl
brilliant period cutting with stars divided by cross-hatched rays, signed
8" x 8"



272.RS Prussia porcelain bowl
ribbon & jewel mold,  with floral center and garland border, gilt with opal jewels
10 1/2" d.



273.OS St. Killian Germany porcelain portrait ewer 
with portrait of woman, unusual handle
10 3/4" h.



274.RS Prussia porcelain bowl
violet mold, with poppies decoration, satin finish
10 1/4" d.



275.Copeland pottery milk pitcher
with figures in relief on dark blue back
5 1/2" h.



276.Staffordshire porcelain figural match holder & striker 
of little girl with blanket next to stump
4 1/2" h.



277.Champleve and gilt metal footed chamberstick and matching footed match holder



278.Coronet Limoges porcelain charger
with pink lilies decoration, signed A Broussillon
11 1/2" d.



279.Bavaria porcelain charger
with pink and red roses decoration, signed Richter
11 1/2" d.



280.Limoges porcelain leaf shaped dish
with violets and lily of valley decoration
8" x 9"



281.Cut glass celery tray
brilliant period cutting with center hobstar and strawberry diamond and fan border
6" x 11 1/2"



282.Cut glass bowl
brilliant period cutting with feathered stars and hobstar and cane dividers
8" d.



283.Cut glass pedestal creamer and sugar  with floral cutting



284.Cut glass bowl
brilliant period cutting with feathered stars and cane vescues
9" d.



285.Cut glass creamer and sugar
brilliant period cutting with band of stars over file cutting



286.Six Bohemian ruby and clear glass cordials
with engraved grape panels
3" h.



287.French ormolu mounted porcelain lidded urn
with courting scene portrait medallion
12" h.



288.Two Chinese pottery figures
of women holding a scroll
8" & 9 3/4"



289.Cloisonne lidded small urn
with floral decoration on rust back
3 1/4" h.



290.Spelter figure
of a dancing maiden
11 1/2" h.



291.Royal Saxony Art metal portrait plate
10" d.



292.Halcyon Days enameled oval box
1 1/2" x 4" x 3/4"



293.Royal Doulton porcelain figure
The Orange Lady
Hn 1953,   8 1/2" h.



294.Murano millefiori glass cruet
6" h.



295.Murano millefiori glass finger bowl
4 1/4" d.



296.Belleek vase
with applied flowers, 140th Anniversary 1857-1997
11" h.



297.Royal Worcester porcelain pail shaped toothpick holder
3 3/4" h.



298.Royal Worcester porcelain cup and saucer
fluted mold with floral decoration



299.Baccarat black glass bunny figure
3 1/2" h.



300.Butterscotch cased glass vase
8" h.



301.Pair of Belleek vases
with applied flowers on the side, green mark
5 1/2" h.



302.Chinese enameled rectangular box and ashtray



303.Sterling pickle fork and sterling butter pick



304.Halcyon Days enameled round box
with yellow bird decoration
2 1/4" d.



305.Murano millefiori glass cologne bottle
7 1/4" h.



306.Glass dresser jar with sterling top
the top embossed with flowers
2" d., 4 1/4" h.



307.Porcelain square portrait dresser box
with portraits of cherubs and lady in swing, cobalt trim
3" x 3" x 3 1/4"



308.Green blown glass vase
signed Karhula, with engraved with man and weed sigh
8" h.



309.Czechoslovakia clear and green glass flower arranger
4 3/4" h.



310.Veryls glass rectangular planter
with flowers molded I relief, signed
6 1/4" x 10" x 4 1/2"



311.Cloisonne hexagoal shaped lidded urn
with dragon decorated panels
4 3/4" h.



312.Oil painting on canvas
Path to the Lake
signed lower left
7 Ό” x 9”,    17” x 19” overall



313.Oil painting on canvas
Cloud Study – Mountain in Blowing Rock, NC
titled on reverse
10” x 14”,    15 ½” x 19 ½” overall



314.Hummel figure
girl seated with mandolin
full bee mark
4 1/4" h.



315.Hummel figure
girl seated knitting with bird
full bee mark
3 1/2" h.



316.Gold plated filigree and beveled glass footed jewelry box
5" x 5" x 5 1/2"



317.Ormolu mounted majolica oval centerpiece
9" h, 15" w.



318.Cut glass bowl
brilliant period cutting with star center and fan and diamond point sides
9" d.



319.Gilt metal rococo and onyx bedroom clock
8 1/2" h.



320.Cut glass mayo bowl and underplate
brilliant period cutting with pinwheels



321.Cut glass cruet
brilliant period cutting with panels of stars divided by file
9 1/4" h.



322.Cut glass cologne bottle
with file cut ribs
6 1/4" h.



323.Copeland "Spode Towers" square serving bowl
9" x 9"



324.Copeland "Spode Towers" oval divided serving bowl
9 3/4" x 12"



325.Copeland "Spode Towers" oval platter
12" x 15"



326.Satsuma Kutani pottery vase
with panels of seated people
14 1/2" h.



327.Royal Dux pottery figure
of Grecian man and woman
17" h.  (crack in base)



328.Cut glass celery tray
with floral and star cutting



329.Cut glass celery tray
brilliant period cutting with hobstars
4 3/4" x 10 3/4"



330.Cut glass compote
brilliant period cutting with hobstars divided by rows of stars, hobstar cut base
5 1/2" d., 9" h.



331.Four ruby pattern glass tumblers
with gilt floral pattern
4" h.



332.Old Abbey Limoges porcelain bowl
with orange lily decoration, signed
9 3/4" d.



333.Porcelain two handled portrait vase
with allegorical portrait scene, 24k gold trim, signed Rochet
12" h.



334.Bavaria porcelain chop plate
with apple on ground and apple blossoms above
12 1/2" d.



335.Murano glass duck figure
with controlled bubbles on green interior
10 1/2" h.



336.Cut glass three handled rose bowl
with star cutting
 3 1/2" h.



337.Czechoslovakia frosted canary glass perfume bottle 
with molded lady and cherub
8" h. (chip on rim)



338.Three Florentine gilt gesso rococo wall shelves