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SUNDAY, JUNE 25, 2022
10:00 am



11730 N Ambassador Dr

Kansas City, Missouri


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Selling an Iowa estate consisting of the contents of a 1882 Victorian mansion along with selected antiques from a local estate. The auction will include several great pieces of Victorian furniture, French ormolu mounted inlaid china cabinet, oil paintings, Victorian prints, majolica jardinieres, Royal Worcester china, RS Prussia, Nippon, various pottery, parian busts, lot Victorian art glass, carnival glass collection, pattern glass, peg lamps and outstanding Victorian and fine estate jewelry.




Cash or check with approval from auction company.

NEW POLICY: If you are not known to us, we reserve the right to hold the merchandise until the check clears. It is also agreed that we may photograph and fingerprint anyone writing a check. A valid driver’s license required for registration.

All items will be sold “AS IS.” Pence Auction makes no warranties or representations, express or implied with respect to the correctness of descriptions, genuineness, condition or authenticity of any lot sold. Upon the declaration of “Sold” by the auctioneer, the winning bidder is thereby bound by contact to fulfill their obligation of submitting payment per the auction terms. Bidding on any items indicates your acceptance of these terms and all other terms announced at the time of the sale. It is recommended that all prospective buyers attend the pre-sale exhibition.

Sales tax may be collected.






1.          Haviland porcelain plate
with cobalt and gilt border
9 3/4" d.



2.          Staffordshire porcelain fairing
with child reading book to dog on top of dresser
4 1/4" h.



3.          Metal art nouveau letter rack
with nude art nouveau woman standing in front
4” x 6" x 6"



4.          Moser amber glass juice tumbler
with enameled floral decoration
4" h.



5.          Murano glass ball vase
red with gold mica flakes
6 3/4" h.



6.          Porcelain shaving mug
with floral decoration, A. L. Undeland & Co Decorators, Omaha



7.          Northwood rubina pattern glass toothpick holder
Royal Ivy pattern
2 1/4" h.



8.          Northwood white carnival glass bushel basket
5 1/4" d.



9.          Northwood marigold carnival glass round powder box
Grape & Cable pattern
4" d., 3" h.



10.       Northwood amethyst carnival glass mug
Singing Bird pattern
3 3/4" h.



11.       Reed & Barton silver plated demitasse pot
with repousse molded decoration
9" h.



12.       Clear pattern glass covered compote
Lion pattern
8 1/2" h.



13.       Hawkes cut glass pedestal creamer and sugar
with frosted band and cut flowers



14.       Bristol glass fan vase
with enameled floral decoration
8” h.



15.       English saltglaze pitcher
with molded wheat in relief
5 1/2" h.



16.       Edwards English saltglaze pitcher
with shell decoration in relief
7 1/4" h.



17.       English porcelain dessert compote
with landscape scene decoration, teal and gilt border
9 1/2" d., 6" h.



18.       English porcelain plate
with violets decoration, pink border
9" d.



19.       Roseville Rozane art pottery mug
with hanging cherries decoration
4 1/2" h.



20.       Parian bust
of Wagner
7 1/2" h.



21.       Stangl pottery cockatiel figure
#3584,   12" h.



22.       Rookwood pottery ball shaped vase
white glaze with embossed floral pattern
7" h.



23.       Rookwood art pottery vase
1924, signed Harriett E. Wilcox
single shadow flower on dark wine glaze
6 1/2" h.



24.       Austrian cranberry iridescent bowl 
with embossed pattern
10" d.



25.       Stevens & Williams clear glass threaded and footed mug
5" h.



26.       Pairpoint cut glass pedestal fruit bowl
Colias pattern
10 1/4" d., 4 3/4" h.



27.       Cut glass water pitcher
brilliant period cutting with hobstars, cane and file, zipper cut handle
9 1/4" h.



28.       Peachblow glass darner
5 1/2"



29.       End of day glass darner



30.       Glossy burmese pedestal salt
3 1/2" d.,  2 1/2" h.



31.       Glossy burmese individual cream pitcher
2 3/4" h.



32.       Burmese glass cabinet vase
with crimped top
4" h.



33.       Decorated cranberry glass water pitcher
Inverted Thumbprint pattern with enameled blue floral decoration, clear reeded handle
8 1/2" h.



34.       Amberina glass cruet
Inverted Thumbprint pattern
6" h.



35.       Amberina glass spooner
Inverted Thumbprint pattern
4 1/2" h.



36.       Baccarat rose tienta glass ice bucket
with button pattern
9 1/2" h.



37.       Behescherzer porcelain figure 
of a bird perched on stump
12" h.



38.       Prussia porcelain bowl
lily mold, with pink and yellow roses on green tint back
10 1/2" d.



39.       Nippon porcelain plate
with roses decoration, with heavy gilt and red border
10" d.



40.       Nippon porcelain chocolate set with four cups and saucers
hand painted with birds on branches



41.       Gold filled shell cameo brooch
carved with scene of lady standing in front of a house
2 1/4"



42.       14k yellow gold jadeite dangle pierced earrings
with an pear shaped jadeite post and three pear shaped jadeite dangles



43.       Ladies' 18k yellow gold jadeite ring
set with a rectangular cabochon jadeite stone
(6.3 grams)



44.       Ladies' 14k yellow gold black opal ring
set with an irregular shaped black opal
(6.1 grams)



45.       14k white gold diamond slide
set with alternating rows of round diamonds and baguette diamonds weighing approximately 2.50 carats total
(11.6 grams)



46.       Victorian gold filled enameled decorated onyx oval brooch
with enameled flowers on black onyx top
2 1/2"



47.       Tiffany & Co sterling flask shaped scent bottle
1 3/4" x 1"  (monogrammed)



48.       Sterling oval dish
with embossed art nouveau border
6" x 7 1/2"



49.       Decorated metal coal hod
with Japanese aesthetic decoration  dated June 1880 & Sidney Shepard Co.  Buffalo, NY on back of the hod
12 1/2" x 14" x 25"



50.       Walnut Victorian turtle-top marble-topped table
with plain walnut base
21" x 31" x 30"



51.       Pottery pedestal 
with embossed pattern on round top, brown tones
9 1/2" d., 16" h.



52.       Pastel drawing
Mrs. T. A. Hupp
Cherry Blossoms
11 1/2" x 24",  15" x 28" overall



53.       Pair of framed colored prints
Lady with Water Jug
Lady Looking in a Treasure Chest

16 3/4" x 9",  18 1/2" x 10 3/4"



54.       Oil painting on canvas
Portrait of Man Wearing Red Military Uniform
31" x 24",  34" x 28" overall



55.       Slag glass desk lamp
with filigree decoration
10" h.  (slag glass panel cracked)



56.       English saltglaze pitcher
with green decoration in relief
7" h.



57.       English drab green saltglaze water pitcher
with molded cattails
7 3/4" h.



58.       English saltglaze small biscuit jar
with molded pattern pewter hinged lid
5 3/4" h.



59.       Two Mochaware pint mugs
with seaweed decoration
5" h.



60.       Mochaware pitcher
with band decorated with blue seaweed, brown back
5" h.  (small flake at top rim)



61.       Pair of porcelain diamond shaped vases
with hand painted birds and foliage decoration
14" h.



62.       Northwood amethyst carnival glass fruit bowl
Grape & Cable pattern
10 1/2" d.



63.       Fenton white carnival glass bowl
Cherry Chain pattern
10 1/2" d.



64.       Millersburg amethyst carnival glass pin tray
Sunflower pattern
5 3/4"



65.       Northwood rubina pattern glass cruet
Royal Oak pattern
6 1/2" h.



66.       Pink mother of pearl satin glass vase
Diamond Quilted pattern
10" h.



67.       Amberina glass water pitcher
with hobnail pattern, clear reeded handle
6 1/2" h.



68.       Man's 10k white gold star sapphire ring
set with a round star sapphire cabochon accented by a small diamond accent
(7.5 grams)



69.       Ladies' 14k two toned gold linked bracelet
7 1/8"  (20.6 grams)



70.       Ladies' 14k white gold sapphire and diamond ring
set with a pear shaped sapphire accented by four small baguette diamonds and ten small round diamonds
(6.8 grams)



71.       14k white gold diamond spray brooch
set with ten small round diamonds weighing approximately .20 carat total
2"    (6.4 grams)



72.       14k yellow gold black opal slide
set with a black opal sliver
1 1/4"  (7.7 grams)



73.       Ladies' 14k yellow gold jadeite ring
set with five marquise shaped jadeite stones
(3.5 grams)



74.       14k yellow gold jadeite hinged bangle bracelet



75.       Pair of 14k yellow gold jadeite pierced earring
with a jadeite hoop hanging on gold stirrup
(7.0 grams total)



76.       Japanese cloisonne vase
with chrysanthemums on red foil back
8 1/2" h.



77.       J & TB parian bust
of Juliet
8" h.



78.       Parian bust
of young girl with flowers in her hair
10 1/2" h.



79.       English saltglaze pitcher
with molded aesthetic decoration
7 1/2" h.



80.       Pink satin glass kerosene lamp
Cone pattern
11" h.



81.       Decorated amberina glass cream pitcher
Inverted Thumbprint with enameled floral decoration, amber reeded handle
4 1/2" h.



82.       Blue satin glass rose bowl
with enameled floral decoration
3 3/4" h.



83.       Pair of Moser smoke colored glass vases
with applied salamander figure and painted and enameled tree and floral decoration
12" h.  (chips around top rim)



84.       Walnut Victorian davenport desk
with slant top desk over double doors
21" x 27" x 46"



85.       Walnut Victorian bookshelf
13 1/2" x 34" x 49"



86.       Walnut Victorian inlaid oval table
with unique inlaid oval top on carved base
24" x 32" x 30"



87.       Pottery umbrella stand
with embossed angel's head near the top, wine shaded to green glaze
21" h.



88.       McCoy pottery jardiniere and pedestal
with embossed amaryllis pattern
13" d., 29" w.



89.       Cambridge art pottery squatty pitcher
Terrhea line, with flowers on brown glaze
2 1/2" h.



90.       Northwood ice blue carnival glass bowl
Peacocks on Fence pattern
9" d.



91.       Northwood ice green carnival glass plate
Peacocks on Fence pattern
8 3/4" d.



92.       Royal Worcester porcelain small vase
with hand painted roses decoration,
green trim
3" h.



93.       Royal Worcester porcelain potpourri jar
with hand painted roses decoration, pierced lid
2 3/4" h.



94.       Royal Worcester porcelain footed small jardinière
with hand painted roses decoration, pierced band around top
6" d., 5" h.



95.       Pair of Royal Worcester porcelain vases
with hand painted roses decoration, pierced necks
4" h.



96.       Royal Bayreuth rose tapestry porcelain creamer
with three color roses decoration
3" h.



97.       RS Prussia porcelain bowl in a bowl
ribbed mold, with roses on green tint back
10 1/2" d.



98.       Nippon porcelain plate
with pink roses decoration, heavy gilt border
9 1/2" d.



99.       Clear pattern glass cake stand
9" d., 6 1/2" h.



100.    Findlay Onyx pattern glass spooner
4 1/4" h.  (minor roughness around top)



101.    Findlay Onyx pattern glass celery vase
6 1/2" h.



102.    Rubina glass three piece condiment set in silver plated stand



103.    Majolica bamboo umbrella and stick stand
with center bamboo chute and three smaller chutes
28 1/2" h.



104.    Weller Eocean Rose art pottery vase
with floral decoration, artist signed
10 1/2" h.



105.    Fulper pottery vase
with drip glaze
9 1/2" h.



106.    Milor 18k yellow gold buckle linked bracelet
7 1/4"  (12.8 grams)



107.    Ladies' platinum diamond ring
set with a center old mine cut round diamond weighing approximately .75 carat flanked on each by a round old mine cut diamond weighing approximately .50 carat each, accented by eighteen round diamonds weighing approximately .75 carat total
(4.7 grams)



108.    14k yellow gold enhancer
set with three colored stone cabochons
1 1/2"  (4.8 grams)



109.    Ladies' 18k yellow gold black fire opal ring
set with an irregular shaped black fire opal
(9.6 grams)



110.    Ladies' 18k yellow gold flower-form multiple gemstone and diamond ring
(4.8 grams)



111.    14k yellow gold diamond bar pin
set with center round diamond weighing approximately .70 carat flanked on one side by round diamond weighing approximately .35 carat and other side with round diamond weighing approximately .30 carat
(6.3 grams)



112.    14k yellow gold leaf shaped diamond brooch
set with ten round brilliant cut diamonds weighing approximately .40 carats total
2 1/8"   (11.9 grams)



113.    Parian bust
of Victoria
To Commemorate the 60th Year of Her Reign, 1837-1897
6 1/2" h.



114.    Parian bust
of Clytie
11" h.



115.    French black glass rectangular box
with Mary Gregory style decoration
3 1/4" x 5 1/4" x 4 1/4"



116.    Amberina glass cream pitcher
Inverted Thumbprint mold, square top, clear reeded handled
5 1/2" h.



117.    Two Baccarat rose tiente glass footed tumblers
5" & 5 1/4" h.



118.    Pair of pink satin glass ewers
with enameled floral decoration
8 1/2" h.



119.    Northwood amethyst water set with eight tumblers
Grape & Cable pattern


120.    Two Northwood custard glass with nutmeg stain mugs
Singing Bird pattern
3 1/2" h.



121.    Millersburg marigold carnival glass bowl
Whirling Leaves pattern
10" d.



122.    Walnut double door bookcase
with an arched top and corner finials over two glass doors above a single long drawer
17" x 40" x 75"



123.    Burl walnut Victorian commode
with a single drawer over double doors
17 3/4" x 34 1/2" x 33"



124.    Framed colored print
U. Checa
Roman Chariot Race
13 1/2" x 22 1/2",  15" x 24" overall



125.    Framed Victorian colored print
of woman resting surrounded by cherubs
12" x 30", 15" x 33" overall



126.    Ceramic Art Co. Belleek porcelain creamer and sugar
in shell form with gilt fern decoration



127.    Czechoslovakia glass and beaded figural fruit basket lamp
10 1/2" h.



128.    Pattern glass kerosene lamp
Post pattern
9" h.



129.    Clear with red staining pattern glass lamp
Shield pattern
12" h.



130.    Three amberina glass tall wine goblets
Baby Inverted Thumbprint pattern, clear stems
7 1/2" h.



131.    Amberina glass round lidded candy dish
Inverted Thumbprint pattern
5" d., 4 1/4" h.



132.    Baccarat rose tiente glass low tazza
Sawtooth Swirl pattern
5 1/2" d., 2" h.



133.    Verre de Soie glass with metal overlay oval bowl
with metal overlay blackberries and leaves on glass
4 1/4" x 6 1/2" x 4"



134.    Cut glass tankard
brilliant period cutting with hobstars and bullseyes divide by file
11 1/4" h.



135.    Pairpoint silver plated oblong footed gallery tray
with embossed art nouveau lilies
5 1/2" x 13"



136.    Copeland English saltglaze handled teapot
with molded scales decoration
7" h.



137.    English green and white saltglaze water pitcher
with molded vines in relief
9" h.



138.    Allerton flow blue and copper lustre pitcher
6 1/2" h.



139.    Three piece gilt metal and marble garniture set
with man and woman figures
17" h.



140.    Walnut Victorian corner etagere
29" w., 82" h.



141.    Victorian gold bar pin
set with center marquise shaped amethyst stone and flanked on each side by row of seed pearls
2 1/2"



142.    14k yellow gold amethyst and seed pearl small brooch
with center oval amethyst stone surrounded by seed pearls



143.    Victorian gold watch fob
set with monogrammed quartz stone on bottom



144.    Victorian gold hinged figural bracelet
with two jaguar heads on the  ends and one set with a round mine cut diamond weighing .25 carat and both having diamond eyes



145.    Victorian gold oval shell cameo brooch
with carved bust of woman with flowing hair
2 1/4"



146.    Victorian gold slide necklace


147.    Victorian gold oval  hair brooch
with oval center having hair under glass, pearl buckle bezel
1 1/2"



148.    Victorian gold filled, silver and frosted glass oval cameo brooch
with a bust of woman in relief
2 1/4"



149.    Victorian garnet bracelet



150.    Gold stick pin
with figure of winged griffith and round coral stone



151.    Northwood amethyst carnival glass bowl
Strawberry pattern
9" d.



152.    Northwood green carnival glass master berry bowl
Grape & Cable pattern
9" d.



153.    Northwood amethyst carnival glass sweetmeat
Grape & Cable pattern
8 1/2" h.



154.    Northwood amethyst carnival glass tumbler
Wishbone pattern
4" h.



155.    Royal Bayreuth porcelain vase
with portrait of man lighting a pipe
5 3/4" h.



156.    RS Germany porcelain cracker jar
with white blossom flowers



157.    Prussia porcelain vase
with Chinese pheasant decoration
5" h.



158.    Prussia porcelain tankard
stippled floral mold  with poppies decoration
13 1/4" h.



159.    Royal Worcester porcelain small vase
with hand painted roses decoration, signed E. M. Fildes
3 1/4" h.



160.    Royal Worcester porcelain bulbous vase
with hand painted roses decoration, signed C.V. White
6" h.



161.    Royal Worcester porcelain two handled vase
with hand painted roses decoration, signed Spilsbor
7 3/4" h.



162.    Royal Worcester porcelain potpourri footed urn
with hand painted roses decoration, pierced lid
7 1/4" h.



163.    Weller Etna art pottery vase
with pink floral decoration
6" h.



164.    Louwelsa Weller art pottery vase
with roses decoration  on standard glaze
9 3/4" h.



165.    Sleepy Eye blue and gray stoneware cylindrical vase
with Indian head on front and cattails on reverse
8 3/4" h.



166.    Walnut Victorian turtle-top marble-topped table
with carved base
23" x 30" x 29"



167.    Mahogany coal hod
with carved art nouveau decoration on pull-down front, back gallery carved with a spade
13 1/2" x 14" x 25"



168.    Walnut bookcase
with a single glass door over a single drawer with cut-out handles
15 1/2" x 34 1/2" x 65"



169.    Framed oval colored engraving
of  mother and child
5 3/4" x 4 1/2", 10" x 8" overall



170.    Weller pottery one piece pedestal jardiniere
with embossed figures and pattern
13" d., 29" h.



171.    Ladies' 14k yellow gold multi gemstone and diamond dome ring
(7.9 grams)



172.    Ladies' platinum and 14k white gold art deco diamond bracelet watch
with a rectangular dial face surrounded by thirty-six diamond melee, 14k white gold bracelet band set with six small round sapphires and eight round diamonds



173.    Ladies' 18k yellow gold jadeite ring
set with an oval jadeite cabochon
(5.3 grams)



174.    Two pairs of Tiffany sterling pierced earrings
designed by Peretti



175.    Pair of Lagos Caviar sterling and 18k gold amethyst pierced clip earrings
with center oval amethyst cabochon



176.    Parian bust
of woman with scarf on her head
11" h.



177.    Parian bust
of Shakespeare
7 1/2" h.



178.    Brownfield & Sons saltglaze pitcher
with molded mistletoe pattern, brown trim
8 1/4" h.



179.    English porcelain sauce tureen
with panels of game birds and floral
4 3/4" h., 7" w.



180.    Northwood amethyst carnival footed bowl
Wishbone pattern
8 1/2" d.



181.    Northwood amethyst carnival glass  advertising card tray
Dreibus Parfait Sweets
with one side turned up
6 1/4" d.



182.    Blue opalescent glass swan and blue iridescent glass swan
4" h., 5 " long



183.    Cut glass low flared vase
with cut leaves and berries
7" d., 4" h.


184.    Engraved cut glass decanter
with engraved crane and foliage
9" h.



185.    Libbey cut glass oval relish
brilliant period cutting with hobstars and fan center, signed
7 1/2"



186.    Hawkes cut glass creamer and sugar
brilliant period cutting with band of stars, signed



187.    Baccarat rose tiente glass fairy lamp
4 1/4" h.



188.    Baccarat rose colored glass kerosene lamp
Swirl pattern
9" h.



189.    Baccarat rose tiente glass font peg lamp
with a brass beehive candlestick base, clear etched side
22" h.



190.    Peg lamp
with pink glass font on brass candlestick base, rubina opalescent shade
23" h.



191.    Ladies' 14k yellow gold smoky quartz and diamond ring
set with an oval smoky quartz center stone surrounded by twelve small diamonds
(13.8 grams)



192.    Pair of 18k yellow gold smoky quartz dangle pierced earrings
with oval smoky quartz dangles
(4.7 grams total)



193.    Pair of 14k yellow gold lavender jade button pierced earring



194.    14k yellow gold blue topaz straight line bracelet
7 1/2" long  (6.4 grams total)



195.    Pair of 14k yellow gold amethyst and blue topaz pierced earrings
each with three small round amethyst stones on post and a pear shaped blue topaz dangle
(4.9 grams total)



196.    Italian 14k yellow gold loop linked bracelet
8"  (17.5 grams)



197.    Ladies' 18k yellow gold Patek Philippe open faced pocket watch
retailed by Jacques & Marcus, New York
with engraved gold dial having enameled Roman numerals, back of case embossed with St. George on horse, accompanied with gold filled watch chain



198.    Ladies' 14k yellow gold diamond Omega bracelet watch
with a rectangular face surrounded by twenty-two small round diamonds
(44.9 grams total)



199.    French ormolu mounted  marquetry inlaid china cabinet
with a single glass door, mirrored back
18" x 28" x 70"



200.    Walnut Victorian cylinder ladies' desk
with a carved gallery over a cylinder roll above three graduated drawers having fruit carved pulls
21" x 34" x 51"



201.    Majolica pedestal jardiniere
with mask face around top of jardiniere and base with full griffiths figures on base
28" h.



202.    Mezzotint print
L. Busiere
Female Fairy Resting
16 1/2" x 13", 26 1/2" x 22" overall



203.    Mezzotint print
R. Wallace Hester
Portrait of Napoleon II
13 1/2" x 11",  24" x 21 1/2" overall



204.    Parian bust
of Charles Dickens
15 1/4" h.



205.    Pair of French porcelain and gilt metal tazzas
with cherub portrait on Sevres blue back
5 3/4" d., 7" h.



206.    Pair of French bronze footed porcelain jardinières
with floral spray medallion on Sevres blue back
8 3/4" d., 9" h.



207.    Victorian decorated amberina glass pickle castor
with Inverted thumbprint pattern jar decorated with birds and flowers in original silver plated frame



208.    Baccarat rose tiente glass oval relish
Swirl pattern
3 1/2" x 9 1/2"



209.    Baccarat rose tiente lidded rectangular box
Swirl pattern
3 1/2" x 9" x 4 ½”



210.    Saxe Altenberg Germany porcelain plate
poppy mold with floral decoration, cobalt trim
9" d.



211.    Saxe Altenberg Germany porcelain plate
poppy mold with floral decoration, fuchsia tint
9" d.



212.    Royal Worcester porcelain creamer
with hand painted roses decoration
5" h.



213.    Hadley's Worcester porcelain two handled vase
with hand painted iris decoration
7 3/4" h.



214.    Northwood amethyst carnival glass plate
Three Fruits pattern
8 3/4" d.



215.    Northwood amethyst carnival glass cologne bottle
Grape & Cable pattern
9" h.



216.    Northwood amethyst carnival glass covered compote
Grape & Cable pattern
9" h.



217.    Rose colored Findlay Onyx pattern glass spooner
4 1/2" h.



218.    Pink cut velvet satin glass vase
8" h.



219.    Victorian cranberry glass double sweetmeat in silver plated frame
with two cranberry bowls having amber applied ruffled rims



220.    English saltglaze teapot with pewter top
birds and bamboo decoration molded in relief
6 1/2" h.



221.    Saltglaze pitcher
with molded morning glory decoration
6 3/4" h.



222.    Royal Doulton flow blue bowl
Oyama pattern
7" d.



223.    Charles Field Haviland porcelain plate
with fruit decoration and cobalt with gilt border, marked Hotel Ryan
8 1/2" d.



224.    Vintage Fenton Persian blue opalescent glass jack in the pulpit vase
Coin Spot pattern
11" h.



225.    Vintage Fenton cranberry opalescent glass jack in the pulpit vase
Coin Spot pattern



226.    Hull pottery two handled large vase
Magnolia pattern
15" h.



227.    Roseville pottery two handled vase
Waterlily pattern
6 1/4" h.



228.    Framed round print
The Paroah's Horses
18" d., 26" x 22" overall



229.    Antique gold and sterling Anheuser Busch diamond and ruby pendant
with A framing and silver eagle clutching an enameled flag shield, frame set with ruby at top and rose cut diamonds down sides,  on sterling chain



230.    Gold stick pin
with round medallion embossed with lady's head set with six diamond chips



231.    14k yellow gold cameo oval pendant brooch
with carved bust of woman in relief, engraved gold bezel
2"  (14.9 grams total)



232.    Victorian micro-mosaic linked bracelet
with seven oval floral micro-mosaic link
(some damage)



233.    Micro-mosaic oval brooch
with scene of Roman building



234.    Victorian gold baroque pearl locket necklace
in original case from Bishop & Rein, New York
an oval locket with large baroque pearl on top on 16" Victorian byzantine necklace


235.    Victorian gold and enameled figural clover brooch
set with a small round diamond in center and clover outlined with seed pearls



236.    Nippon porcelain lemonade pitcher
with roses decoration and all-over beading background
7" h.



237.    Nippon porcelain two handled vase
with roses decoration, gilt trim with jewels
10 3/4" h.



238.    RS Germany porcelain scenic plate
Sheepherder scene
8 1/4" d.



239.    RS German porcelain seven piece berry set
with peafowl and Chinese pheasant decoration


240.    Meriden silver plated bride's bowl stand
with rectangular footed stand having bowl holder in center and bird and branch on each side
7 1/2" x 16"



241.    Silver plated centerpiece stand
with five flower lilies
16" h., 17" w.



242.    Pair of soapstone bookends
with chicken figures atop block
7 1/2" h.



243.    Bronze round tray
with birds on branch in relief
6 3/4" d.



244.    Czechoslovakia glass basket of fruit lamp
7" h., 8" w.



245.    Cut glass tankard
brilliant period cutting with large rayed star  along with cross hatching and fan, triple notched handle
11 1/4" h.



246.    Cut glass oval tray
with wheel cut flowers baskets
7 1/4" x 10 1/4"



247.    Cut glass flower centerpiece vase
brilliant period cutting with large hobstars, honeycomb cut neck
8" d., 6" h.



248.    Baccarat rubina frosted glass dresser jar
with acid etched surface
5 1/4" h.



249.    Baccarat rubina frosted glass cologne bottle
with acid etched surface
6 1/2" h.



250.    Baccarat clear frosted glass cologne bottle
with acid etched surface
7" h.



251.    Victorian rubina glass sweetmeat in silver plated frame
with clear applied ruffle
5" d.



252.    Opalescent glass juice pitcher
Hobnail pattern
5 1/2" h.



253.    Tiffany pink pastel art glass candlestick
3 3/4" h.  (flake on rolled rim)



254.    Royal Worcester porcelain plate
with hand painted fruit decoration, cobalt and gilt border
9 1/4" d.



255.    Royal Worcester porcelain lidded urn
with figural fish handles, hand painted roses decoration, signed Jarman
15" h.



256.    Royal Worcester porcelain vase
with hand painted roses decoration, signed R. Austin
7 3/4" h.



257.    Pair of Italian 18k two toned gold interwoven clip pierced earring
(10.7 grams)



258.    10k yellow gold emerald and diamond straight line bracelet
set with thirty-four round emeralds and sixty-eight diamond melee
7 1/4"  (10.6 grams total)



259.    Ladies' 14k yellow gold ruby and green garnet princess ring
(5.5 grams)



260.    Ladies' 14k yellow gold opal and coral ring
(3.9 grams)



261.    Ladies' 14k yellow gold diamond buckle designed ring
set with an oval diamond weighing approximately .50 carat and seven round diamonds weighing approximately .05 carat each  (5.3 grams)



262.    14k white gold art deco diamond filigree bracelet
with center round old mine cut diamond weighing approximately .50 carat and nineteen round diamonds weighing approximately 2.0 carats total
(9.4 grams)



263.    Baccarat crystal decanter
with paneled sides
9 1/4" h.



264.    Hawkes cut and engraved glass mayo bowl and underplate
with cut band of hobstars and engraved floral garland, signed



265.    Libbey cut glass water pitcher
with thistle cutting, signed
8 1/4" h.



266.    Cranberry cut to clear glass water goblet
6 3/4" h.



267.    Baccarat rose colored square bride's bowl in Meriden silver plated frame


268.    Cranberry opalescent glass trumpet vase
with clear applied ruffle
7" h.



269.    Amberina glass tankard pitcher
Inverted thumbprint pattern, ruffled top, clear reeded handle
10" h.



270.    Rubina glass celery vase in silver plated base
8 1/4" h.



271.    Mahogany double door bookcase
with arched top and finials on corner over two glass doors above a single drawer
17" x 41" x 75"



272.    Rosewood Victorian credenza with mirror 
with carved eagle crest above mirror, mirrored doors on base
18" x 59"



273.    Walnut Victorian oval marble-topped table
with a white oval marble top on a carved walnut base having teardrop finials
24" x 33" x 30"



274.    Mezzotint print
Boy wearing blue coat holding a sword, signed
14 1/2" x 12",  25" x 20 1/2" overall



275.    Framed print
of resting woman surrounded by cherubs
7 1/4" x 9 1/4",  11" x 13" overall



276.    Plaster bust
of Arab man
20" h.



277.    Victorian pink cased glass and brass lamp
with frosted etched shade, Duplex burner
19 1/2" h



278.    Pair of oil painting on boards
Berend Dam
Dutch Ice Skating on Lake
signed lower right, gilt frame
9" x 15 1/2",  16 1/2" x 23" overall



279.    Cloisonné cover jar
with floral decoration on black back
5" h.



280.    Chinese cloisonne vase 
with floral decoration on blue back
9 1/2" h.



281.    Pair of Japanese cloisonne vases
with roses decoration on seafoam green back
5" h.



282.    Chinese double mudman figure
of two men standing at table
4 1/2" h.



283.    Amberina glass tri lobed finger bowl 
Inverted Thumbprint pattern
4 1/2"



284.    Decorated cranberry glass biscuit jar
with silver plated top
8 1/2" h.



285.    Cut glass lobed dish
heavy blank with brilliant period hobstar cutting
7" d.



286.    Baccarat rose tiente glass miniature lamp
Swirl pattern



287.    Baccarat rose tiente low tazza
Swirl pattern
6 3/4" d, 2 1/2" h.



288.    Rubina glass pickle castor
Inverted Thumbprint pattern
8" h.


289.    Pink cased glass bride's bowl
with floral decoration, ruffled edge
11" d.



290.    Pink cut glass perfume atomizer



291.    Pickard decorated Haviland porcelain plate
with cherries decoration, signed Leon
8 3/4" d.



292.    Royal Bayreuth porcelain figural elk ashtray



293.    Pair of 14k yellow gold multi-gemstone dangle earrings
with emerald cut amethyst stone on post and citrine, peridot, amethyst, blue topaz and garnet dangles
(7.3 grams)



294.    Ladies' 18k yellow gold diamond ring
set with round diamond weighing approximately .50 carat in custom mounting
(16.8 grams)



295.    Ladies' 14k white gold blue topaz and diamond ring
set with oval blue topaz surrounded by twenty small round diamonds
(7.6 grams)



296.    Ladies' 10k yellow gold ring
set with a Panda 1/20 oz gold coin
(5.2 grams)



297.    Ladies' 14k white gold diamond and emerald ring
set with a center round brilliant cut diamond weighing approximately 1.0 carat flanked by a marquise shaped emerald on each side and six round diamonds weighing .15 carat each
(4.5 grams)



298.    Ladies' 10k yellow gold diamond and sapphire ring
set with a center marquise shaped sapphire surrounded by eight diamond melee and bordered with twelve round sapphires
(4.3 grams)



299.    Yellow gold thimble



300.    Two sterling round reticulated thimble cases
3/4" d., 1" h.



301.    10k yellow gold thimble



302.    Victorian oval painting on porcelain brooch
with hand painted cherub portrait
1 1/2"



303.    Alabaster carved bust
of a woman titled Bona
8" h.



304.    Rookwood art pottery vase
iris glaze, with iris decoration, signed
8" h.



305.    Hull pottery two handled vase
Magnolia pattern



306.    Northwood amethyst carnival glass four piece table set
Grape & Cable pattern



307.    Fenton white carnival glass bowl
Peacock at Urn pattern
8 3/4" d.



308.    Cherry curio cabinet
with a mirrored gallery top over two drawers above two glass doors
14" x 36" x 60 1/2"  (damage to foot)



309.    Fruitwood round marble-topped carved table
with carved apron and base carved with Griffiths
32" d., 30" h.



310.    Mezzotint print
Alfred Skrimshire
Young Boy
15" x 12", 23" x 19" overall



311.    Mezzotint print
F. G. Stevenson
Young Girl
12 1/2" x 9 1/2", 23" x 18 1/2" overall



312.    Pair of brass and marble three light candelabras
with brass flower basket supporting three lights, marble base, 16” h.



313.    Marble oval picture frame
12 1/2" x 10 1/2"



314.    Silver plated match safe
engraved "Presented  to Harry A. Hall on his election to the state senate of Penna in 1890
2 1/2" x 1 3/8"



315.    Bohemian amber and black glass console set
consisting of pedestal console bowl and pair of matching candlesticks, with engraved floral decoration


316.    Royal Worcester porcelain vase
with hand painted blackberries, signed
K. Blake
5 3/4" h.



317.    Ladies' 14k white gold diamond ring
set with center round brilliant cut diamond weighing approximately .75 carat flanked on each side round brilliant cut diamond weighing .25 carat each accented by twenty-six round diamond and six baguette diamonds
(8.3 grams)



318.    Ladies' 14k white gold amethyst ring
set with large emerald cut amethyst
(10.0 grams total)



319.    Pair of 14k white gold amethyst clip pierced earrings
each set with emerald cut amethyst stone
(12.0 grams total)



320.    14k white gold amethyst pendant 
set with large emerald cut amethyst stone
(10.9 grams)



321.    14k yellow gold bracelet
with four gemstone stations
7 1/2"  (23.6 grams)



322.    Ladies' Hamilton platinum diamond bracelet watch
rectangular face surround by ninety small round diamonds, platinum bracelet set with thirty-six small diamonds
(17.5 grams total)



323.    Pair of 14k white gold sapphire and diamond dangle earrings
each set with a pear shape sapphire in a frame of twenty-one small round diamonds
(4.5 grams)



324.    14k yellow gold ruby, emerald and diamond pendant necklace
pendant set with round ruby cabochon outlined with six pear shaped emeralds and six small baguette diamonds, on 14k yellow gold chain
(13.9 grams total)



325.    Rubina overshot glass ruffled bowl on metal stand
10" d., 6 1/2" h.



326.    Oil painting on board
English Landscape with Sheep
label on back: Geo Rowney, London
8" x 10 1/2", 16" x 17 1/2" overall



327.    Framed print
of nude female reclining on rocks
1903 Curtis & Cameron
13" x 9 1/2", 17 x 13 1/2" overall



328.    Cranberry with gilt pattern glass oval fruit bowl
Delaware pattern
7 1/2" x 11 1/2"



329.    Decorated milk glass miniature lamp base
with eagle and arrow pattern
8 1/2" h.



330.    Two amberina glass tumblers
Baby Inverted Thumbprint pattern
3 3/4" h.



331.    Peachblow glass vase
5 3/4" h.



332.    Amethyst carnival glass mug
Fisherman pattern
4" h.



333.    Northwood amethyst carnival glass plate
Grape & Cable pattern
9" d.



334.    Northwood amethyst carnival glass tumbler
Oriental Poppy pattern
4” h.



335.    Fenton blue carnival glass bowl
Dragon & Lotus pattern
8 3/4" d.



336.    Amberina glass water pitcher
Inverted Thumbprint pattern, amber reeded handle
7" h.



337.    Parian bust
of Mozart
11" h.



338.    W. B. Cobridge English saltglaze pitcher
with molded leaf decoration, blue trim
8" h.



339.    English saltglaze pitcher
with emblems of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales in relief
6 3/4" h.



340.    Plum opalescent glass sweetmeat in silver plated frame
3 3/4" d.



341.    Ladies' 14k yellow gold malachite ring
set with an oval malachite cabochon
(4.9 grams)



342.    Ladies' 14k two tone gold ruby ring
set with an oval ruby cabochon 
(5.9 grams)



343.    14k yellow gold byzantine chain
20"  (13.7 grams)



344.    18k yellow gold gemstone bracelet
set with seven different emerald cut gemstones
7 1/4"  (36.3 grams total)



345.    Pair of 14k yellow gold jade disc dangle pierced earring



346.    14k white gold black opal pendant necklace
the pendant set with a triangular shaped black opal, on a 14k yellow gold thin chain 
(7.1 grams total)



347.    14k yellow gold aquamarine and diamond pendant necklace and matching pierced earrings
all set with pear shaped aquamarines outlines by diamond melees



348.    Ladies' 14k yellow gold smoky quart ring
set with large emerald cut smoky quartz in free-form mounting
(10.4 grams total)



349.    Rubina glass four bottle castor set in silver plated frame



350.    Baccarat rose tiente glass plate



351.    Royal Worcester porcelain vase
with hand painted roses decoration
7 1/4" h.



352.    Amberina glass cream pitcher
Inverted Thumbprint, pattern
amber reeded handle
4 3/4" h.



353.    Cranberry decorated glass vase
with floral decoration
6 1/4" h.



354.    Pink mother of pearl satin glass tumbler
Diamond Quilted pattern
4" h.



355.    Libbey cut glass round dish
brilliant period cutting with wheat cutting, signed
6 1/4" d.



356.    Libbey cut glass round dish
brilliant period cutting with rayed star base and hobstar and cane  border, signed
5" d.



357.    Cut glass diamond shaped pin dish
brilliant period cutting with cane bottom and hobstar and cane border
4 1/2" x 6"



358.    Blue milk glass pattern glass cruet
Forget Me Not pattern
5" h.



359.    Vaseline opalescent glass toothpick holder
Eyewinker pattern
2 1/2" h.



360.    Two glass barber bottles
one ruby and other cobalt
9 1/2" h.



361.    Baccarat rose colored glass bowl and underplate
swirl pattern
5 1/2" d.



362.    Pair of vaseline opalescent pattern glass vases
6" h.



363.    Northwood clear opalescent glass compote 
with dolphin stem
6" h.



364.    Majolica jardinière
(as is)



365.    Parian bust
of Victorian woman
8 1/4" h.



366.    Ashworth English saltglaze pitcher
with molded decoration
7" h.



367.    Bavaria porcelain small compote
with Dresden spray floral decoration, pierced floral border
6 3/4" d., 3 1/2" h.



368.    RS Prussia porcelain footed creamer and sugar
with carnation decoration



369.    Japanese porcelain vase
with floral decoration on black back
11" h.



370.    Hobbs rubina verde glass tumbler
Hobnail pattern
4" h.



371.    Two assorted amberina glass tumblers
3 3/4" h.



372.    Amberina ruffled finger bowl
5 1/4" d.



373.    Two Lalique glass wine goblets
5 1/4" h.



374.    Pair of clear early pattern glass candlesticks
6 3/4" h.



375.    Two Webb & Co. clear and frosted glass comports
with Roman Key pattern
3 1/2" h., 6 1/2" h.



376.    Blue opalescent glass oval handled basket
5 1/2" x 7 1/2" x 5"



377.    Fostoria glass figure
of a seahorse
8 1/4" h.



378.    Clear pattern glass oval bowl
Stork pattern
6" x 9"



379.    Two miniature clear pattern glass round trays
"Be True" & "Be Playful" 
4 3/4" & 5 3/4"



380.    Staffordshire porcelain fairing
with child sitting in wash bowl on dresser, "Paddling his own canoe"
4 1/4" h.



381.    Chinese stone figure
of two fish
2 1/2"



382.    Four cranberry glass epergne lilies



383.    Pair of silver plated salt and pepper shakers
with embossed Dutch scenes
2" h.



384.    Southington Company quadruple plate silver rectangular tray
with floral engraved center and Mideastern scenic embossed border
14" x 16"



385.    Japanese metal shell shaped dish
with people and landscape in relief
5" x 6 1/4"



386.    Japanese pottery vase
with two crane type birds standing next to bamboo
10" h.



387.    Framed vintage colored photograph
of child reaching into a fishbowl
9 3/4" x 7"  14 1/4" x 12 1/4" overall



388.    Oil painting



389.    Three Northwood amethyst carnival glass tumblers
Grape & Cable pattern



390.    Clear and frosted pattern glass bread plate
with girl carrying a basket in center
9" d.



391.    Rubina glass tumbler
Hobnail pattern
3 3/4" h.



392.    Northwood rubina pattern glass toothpick holder
Royal Oak pattern
2 1/4" h.  (chipped)



393.    Box lot of slightly damaged items
(our scratch & dent close-out)