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Appraisal Services

Since 1982, Pence Estate Sales & Auctions has been preparing appraisals for antiques, jewelry, and fine arts. The knowledge used is based on hundreds of estate sales and auctions conducted over the years. It is a priority to stay attuned to the latest developments in the ever-changing market. Rick Pence's qualifications include being an associate of the International Society of Appraisers, and a member of Mid-Am Antique Appraisers Association. Expert appraisals have been prepared for many corporations, private collectors, fiduciaries, and government entities. His valuations are greatly respected among collectors and legal authorities. The appraisal services are convenient. It can be arranged to meet at a residence or other site to make a complete appraisal. Certain legal situations require a quick appraisal. This can be arranged so a report can be returned in only a few days.

Estate / Insurance Appraisal

Estate Appraisals are used for tax and family division purposes. The values reflect a fair market value. This is defined as a price that a willing buyer and a willing seller agree upon.

Insurance appraisals are used for insuring tangible personal property. The values reflect the cost of replacing the item.



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